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Thursday, October 30, 2008

How to Get Companies to Send You Free Stuff-00-379

The first step to receiving free things in the mail is to think of the most recent unpleasant experience you had with a company. What you are going to do is contact that company's headquarters and explain to them what happened. Companies need to know how their customers feel. For example, let's say you attempted to use a vending machine to buy a soft drink, but the machine ate your money. Next you will need to look at another product by the same company to obtain an 800 number to call or an address to write to.
Use this information to contact the company and communicate a complaint about your experience. Explain what happened in a brief summary. Make sure to provide your address. Don't be afraid to tell them how the bad experience affected you. For instance, "I only had $1.50 on me and after the machine ate the money, I had no money or drink."
If you write a professional letter, you will likely receive a response with a coupon, replacement product, or a voucher. Sometimes it is for more than what you lost. This can work for your friends and family members too if they experienced something similar. Again, be honest and don't abuse this tip. Read More>>