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Thursday, October 30, 2008

10 Ways to Make Black Friday Shopping Both Fun and a Success

Black Friday is a shopping fest and has over the years become a religion of sorts. The Friday after Thanksgiving is awaited for with bated breath by shoppers young and old as the best deals for holiday shopping are offered on Black Friday. With the advent of the cyber marketplace Black Friday shopping has new dimensions. There are websites and online shopping discounts galore. Shoppers need to log on and by registering at their favorite website customers can get sneak pre-views on online and offline bonanzas. Black Friday shopping brings excitement and adventure and customers look forward to the adventure. Here are a few pointers which can help male Black Friday a great success:
1. Create a Black Friday gang; gather friends and family together and get a head start on great deals, leaks of Black Friday advertisements, and more. Create a plan and assign duties; one for online search, another member for print advertisements; a third to call neighbors and friends and share information! Register at online websites devoted to Black Friday shopping and ask for email alerts that you can receive even on your mobile phone.
2. Decide what needs to be purchased by every member in the group. Make a list and write down where from the purchase is to be made. Which store or online website. Narrow down search time by registering at a website directory devoted to Black Friday shopping deals.
3. Find out what time online sales go live. Also jot down a time –table for early-bird specials, mid-day specials and so on. Plan a route for offline shopping and clear your schedule for online bonanzas. Get your online credit/debit card handy and keep a note pad with a list of bargains you want to buy.
4. Avoid stress and prepare for shopping by collecting coupons and putting them in order of expiry dates. Eating well and staying hydrated. Shopping on an empty stomach can increase irritability and lead to fights that can be avoided. Read More>>