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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Butterfly Kits for Home Crafts and School Activities

Do you know what a butterfly kit consists of, and how to use them? Raising butterflies has a great appeal to both children and adults. (At this point, I just have to throw my hands up without any more thought). One of the best ways to do that is with what is called a butterfly kit - it lets you raise butterflies at home or in a classroom. You don't need any special training to raise your own butterflies in a little jar or box. No special equipment is required. It's very simple, because the only thing you need to provide is the sugar!

We will explore all of the different parts that make up the butterfly kit.There are a number of suppliers out there who provide butterfly kits, but in general, they are almost identical in what they provide: Feeder, Pot of food, Instructions, Caterpillars, Housing of some sort. Each manufacturer offer somewhat different housing. It may be made of mesh or plastic; the latter will contain a clear card. Actually, the construction is rather unimportant. Every one gives people a way to safely handle the young butterflies and clearly see the transformation take place.

Feeders can vary depending on who it was made by. Sometimes it will be a dropper or a pipette, other times simply a cotton ball will be used to hold the liquid. Once again, it's not really important what is provided because it will be sufficient no matter what it is. If you get you kit home just remember that catipillars are not provided with most kits. A coupon is often used as a basic way to assure that you can obtain your caterpillars. We have varying reasons for this, the main reason being that you are ready to receive and care for the caterpillars. It will not work if you receive the caterpillars and don't utilize them until weeks later. This way you can plan ahead to make sure that you have enough time prior to ordering. Many suppliers will be happy to take a specific date from you on which you would like the caterpillars shipped. Read More>>