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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Promoting Your Business with Free Online Advertising

For businesses looking to obtain new customers, having an online presence is crucially important. Today, more than ever, consumers are using the Internet to read reviews and find new businesses nearby. Chances are that your competition is taking advantage of these opportunities already, so starting to increase the visibility of your site can only make you more competitive in your market.
While pay per click services are growing in popularity, to get the most cost effective return you should first explore opportunities in free online advertising. With free advertising, you can expand your reach on the web without having to worry about whether your marketing campaign will be cost effective.
There are several types of free online ads, including placement directed and search optimized advertising. A placement based campaign allows you to target specific sites to promote your services such as free online classifieds like Craig's List. Free classifieds provide you with the ability to promote your service and link back to your website. Since you can target your ad locally, you can reach customers who are nearby - this is especially important if you are providing a professional service. There are also plenty of opportunities to promote at other free classified venues such as city forums, niche sites like Kijiji, as well as commenting on local blogs. Make sure to keep both your site and ad placements professional, which can help convert potential customers and begin to earn their trust; you can also improve your conversion rate with special offers or coupons. Always install an analytics package on your website so that you know the sources of referring tracking, and can evaluate the success of your campaigns. Read More>>