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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Garden Flowers: Makeup your Home Garden

Summer season is the ultimate time to do up your gardens. Change of season is quite hard on winter flowers & they may not make it through scorching heat of summers. It is very best to plant summer blooms that will endure summer season and give your garden face lift.

One of simplest, most enjoyable task for beginning and advanced gardeners alike is choosing summer flowers for summer garden. Every gardener has their favorite summer flowers like Daisy, cone flowers, Susan flowers and many more. If looking to discover your favorites, then here are some new summer flowers that are ideal for summer garden. They can enhance beauty of the patio, outdoor or the garden. Look at these awesome blossoms:

Peony Collection, Anemone Flower:
Anemone PeonyIt's new for 2010! Anemone peony varieties amongst most colorful & energetic peonies. All three will bloom later in peony season to extend peony season in your garden. These are new varieties which bred for clean deep green foliage and sturdy stems that hold up to the weather & do not flop over. It will turn surroundings into heaven of peace and beauty.

Freesia Mixture, Double:

Freesia MixtureFreesias are popular garden plants, grown for their often strongly scented fragrance. They are easy to grow and robust Dutch bulbs provide top performance. Provides luscious color & scent when grown outdoors or indoor. Its perfume can be enjoyed over many weeks. Regular watering and fertilizer ensures good results.

Add these ravishing blossoms in your summer home garden and certainly provide soothing effect to your eyes even in the scorching sun and fiery heat. One can order these flowers online from and do not forget to take advantage of Dutch Garden Coupon Code for additional savings.