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Friday, May 21, 2010

Decor your garden with Hedges this Summer

Hedges are beautiful and provide an awesome look to the garden. Hedges are a great addition to any garden. If your home garden needs edging or you want some privacy without putting up fence, putting hedge plant is a great idea.

People are pursuing for home improvement connected to hedging plants because they offer numerous advantages. Hedges provide a beautiful look to the garden as well as they provide a privacy.

Hedging plants assist home owner in developing curb appeal and add attraction to the home. These hedging plants additionally aid home owner in establishing a windbreak, that keeps nature outside your yards.

Hakuro Nishiki Willow Hedge:
Petite yellow catkins emerge in early mid spring on rich red stems and followed by new growth that is cream and green with a pink overtone. Young branches start out somewhat stiff and form willowy cascade. Its Japanese name refers to beautiful coloration of leaves.
Hakuro Nishiki Willow Hedges Mixed Magic Rose Hedge:
These hybrid tea size roses cover compact plants. It also make beautiful low hedge. Bloom strong, clear colors of pink, red and yellow. This hybrid provides color in garden from mid summer to fall. Use it as a ground cover, fresh or dried arrangement, as border or container planting.
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