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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sapphire and Diamond Jewelry: Exquisite style statement for fashionable women

Jewelry has become one of the most essential fashion accessories as women love to wear it on every casual and formal occasion. Stylish jewelry helps to enhance the beauty of women. A fine piece of jewelry has ability to lift up wearer's confidence. Fine jewelry defines great combination of precious gemstones and expensive metals. Diamond, sapphire, ruby, blue topaz, opal and others are known as gemstones. All stones look so beautiful when they're engraved in platinum, silver, white and yellow gold like metals.

Diamonds are women's best friend and every lovely lady wants to keep them in jewelry box like diamond ring, earrings, pendant, bracelet or some other piece of jewelry. Diamonds are available in various designs and shapes. Some people think that these precious diamonds are reliable investment. Diamond jewelry is preferred by people as symbol of fashionable statement. Specially, diamond rings have always been lovable gift for women and they treasure these gifts. Three stone rings are perfect choice for wedding or engagement like occasions.

Sapphire is another favorite gemstone of many people and most rare stone in the world. It is second hardest stone after diamond and also called as birthstone for the month of September. In today's time, Sapphire engagement ring has become very popular and one can find wide range of alluring styles of rings with sapphire and diamonds combination. One can see different colors in sapphire like light or dark blue or violets-blue, bluish-green, yellow, opaque black, colorless and pink. Have a look at some designs of blue sapphire and diamond jewelry.

Prong-Set Sapphire and Diamond Garland Wedding Ring: This beautiful ring features five round blue sapphires alternating with pairs of shiny brilliant diamonds to create delicate and feminine look. These precious stones are established in platinum metal. Ring profile sits low to finger, making it easy to wear along side choice of engagement ring settings.

Sapphire and Micropave Diamond Pendant: Brilliant blue sapphire is surrounded by wonderful and sparkling micropave diamonds in this elegant pendant. These stones are engraved in 18k White Gold. Best gift for a woman in your life.

Every woman love shiny things as precious jewelry piece allure her heart deeply. Such expensive jewelry are usually gifted to someone special in your life. Choose a perfect one and gift it to your loved one on any special occasion. is great place for buying diamond jewelry at reasonable price. To shop jewelry from this store at discounted prices, make use of Blue Nile coupons.


Natasha said...

Diamonds and sapphire are some of the mainly required after gemstones and a blend of both give a beautiful style and timeless demand to the jewelry which will give her pleasure for years to come. The dazzling contrast between the wonderful sapphire and sparkling diamonds makes the ring appear stylish and alive.

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