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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Baby Pools: Turn your backyard into summer camp

Nothing is better than spending quality time with little ones. It's perfect way to know kids' nature and their abilities. By sharing enjoyable activities, parents can easily establish strong bond with their kids. Summer camps are very popular as they offer lots of fun activities in sunny days. Children enjoy new adventures and fun filled holidays with parents. If you want to make camping comfortable and enjoyable, then give more time in doing fun activities with kids.

Like adults, kids also love swimming and it's the best way for relaxation in hot days. They enjoy splashing, wading and paddling in water. Playing with water at beach side, water park or in pool, can be a wonderful fun on sunny days. There are many baby pools available to enjoy water fun at home. It's really best idea to convert your backyard into summer holiday camp. It's also a cost effective summer fun which you can enjoy with all family members.

These pools look very awesome and come with different kinds of fun filled features like basketball hoop, floats and many more. Pool toys are also helpful to create full summer camp theme. Jungle theme, fish theme pool and mushroom sunshade theme pools are best for babies. Kid's protection is also very important. So, keep your eye on them while babies are playing or splashing in pool. Sunscreen is also helpful to protect baby's delicate skin from sun and heat.

Li'l Squirt Baby Pool: Babies love cooling off in gentle splash pool, with extra soft sprayers to play in and explore. As baby becomes more comfortable in water, you can make fountains higher by just turn up pressure of garden hose. Even, there's pat mat area with floating 3D fish. Vinyl mat features entertaining undersea graphics like tickle a turtle and cover whale's blow hole. This pool is perfect for ages 12 months and up.

Lil Squirt Baby PoolSplash n Play Colossal Pool: This multi featured pool is big enough for whole bunch! And with four irresistible fun stations, this activity pool will keep children splashing and laughing all day. Includes slide with 'car wash' tickle fingers, toucan ring toss, bee basketball hoop and caterpillar sprinkler. This sprinkler connects to garden hose. Inflatable basketball and six rings are included in pool. It measures 8L x 6½W x 12H and is best for ages 3 and up. It inflates with in 15 minutes through pump.

Splash n Play Colossal PoolSelect your favorite baby pool to bring summer time fun at home. Enjoy sunny days with little ones and build a strong relationship with them. offers different kinds of pools, beach accessories and summer days fun toys for your sweet kids. Explore Internet and start your summer shopping at online stores with coupons and discounts.