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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Snowshoeing ~ Excellent Workout in Winters

Walking on snow is a fun filled, enjoyable and relaxing activity. Winter always comes with lots of sporting activities like skiing, snowboarding and ice skating. Snowshoeing is also a less expensive and easy way of workout in winters. It allows everyone in family to spend a day together, even your family dog can enjoy this winter sport.

Snowshoeing is a great source of workout, during the dark and cold winter months. It just best way to stay in shape with the enjoyment of snow beauty. Snowshoeing is appropriate for leg muscle exercise and burns approximately 400 calories per hour. It's a safe and easy sport for people of all ages. You can climb, walk, run, slide and even jump with snowshoes over heavily banked snow covered hills. It's a good cardiovascular workout that helps you to stay trim and keeps winter spirits high.

For easy and safe snowshoeing, lightweight snowshoes are ultimate choice. These are specially designed to cover a lot of surface area on the snow, so that the wearer doesn't slip down. The persons weight is distributed equally over the entire shoe. These days, snowshoes have been made with metal which is lighter in weight.

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Yukon Charlie's Heritage Snowshoes: Get back to roots of snowshoeing with these great Yukon Charlie's Heritage Snowshoes. The traditional looking aluminum frame and hand laced decking will give a sense of nostalgia, yet modern day technology will make for an easier all-terrain outing. Slip your foot into Quick-Clik II ratchet bindings and tighten them to liking. Lightweight and durable 7000-series anodized-aluminum frame. Forged-aluminum crampons offer an exceptional gripping on packed snow and groomed trails. High-density polyethylene decking provides long-lasting and maintenance-free durability.

Cabelas Coupons and Deals
GV Mountain Trail Snowshoes: These snowshoes provide great support and flotation in any snowy condition. "Harness made of Engage" offers an excellent fit with quality pump ratchet buckles. Freeze-free ratchet system ensures a precise and more easy adjustment with or without gloves. Modified front & rear crampons with aluminum claws provide grip and are coated to reduce snow & ice buildup. Modified heel raiser system for comfort when walking uphill. It has high-quality and 6000-grade aluminum frame. Anti-shock, and adjustable poles are also included in this kit.

Wear appropriate winter clothing, hat, gloves, socks and pair these snowshoes with warm winter boots. Cabelas Coupon code or Backcountry Coupon code will help you save money on these snowshoes. Just step outside with full confidence and let the snow help you work.

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