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Monday, January 04, 2010

Hello Kitty ~ Making her mark in every Nook and Corner!

We all have fetish for cute looking, adorable things. Whenever thought of buying something extremely adorable comes to the mind, name that sweetly strikes is Hello Kitty. It is a well known name, which is a love-able fictional character designed by Ikuko Shimizu and produced by Japanese company Sanrio. Since then it has made a smooth journey towards pinnacle of success. It is loved and liked by everybody. Hello kitty has been portrayed as a female white cat with a red bow and no drawn mouth, who lives with her family in London.

It has gained so much popularity since its very starting and can be seen in every item including dolls, greeting cards, electronic items, clothes, accessories, school supplies, dishes and even home appliances. Hello kitty is so luscious and delectable that it has made its mark in everybody's heart. Today, no one has to remain aloof from hello kitty as it offers a wide variety of products for everyone out there. Read More>>

Hello Kitty toaster