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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not All Dirt Lies In Your Carpet!

Although carpets make your home look beautiful they can also be the reservoir for holding all sorts of scum and bacteria. Do it yourself carpet cleaning method sounds easy, but can be such a hassle. Alternatively, there are several pitfalls to having your home cleaned by the so-called carpet cleaning professionals. Because some crooked carpet cleaning companies are simply opportunists franchised or hired for a big kill; their training been more by trial and error.

These companies regularly approach you by mail or phone bragging about mist or foam or dry-powder or steam or extraction cleaning technique. But when it comes to the carpet cleaning industry there is indeed no such thing as an Aladdin's magic carpet. On the lighter side, because of these rampant carpet cleaning scams, there are numerous clich├ęs you can use and abuse! For instance, don’t let these cleaners "pull the rug from under your feet" or "walk all over you." On a serious note, this is one industry that truly needs to be "cleaned up" because carpet cleaning companies will continue to mislead and consumers will never stop complaining.

Coupons issued by some franchise carpet cleaning companies that claim to charge by the room are the scourge nowadays. These coupons promise to clean all your rooms and hall for as low as $29. Of course, it’s a marketing gimmick. Once you purchase the coupon, you learn that practically nothing promised is included in the price. You wind up paying extra for pre-treatment solutions, extra for stains, extra if there are rooms upstairs and so on. These crooked carpet cleaning companies refuse to budge unless you agree to these surcharges and routinely tab for treatments they never complete. Read More>>