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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kick Start your Business with a Grass Roots Marketing Campaign

Grass Roots marketing in its simplest definition is marketing to a specific community on an intricate level. Grass roots marketing is the ability to reach people on near personal level. Imagine for a moment that you are going to open up a sandwich shop. Would you run an ad in your local paper? Maybe. Would you run radio or television ads for the specific area you are in? Again, maybe. However the best way to market your business would be through a grass roots effort.

A friend of mine owns a barber shop. As you can imagine it doesn’t get any more locally oriented then your neighborhood barber shop. Sure he could run ads in the paper or other media, but he implements a grass roots marketing effort. He picks one day out of the week where he and his employees will hang flyers on doors in the local neighborhood. Specifically they target a different neighborhood each week. On this flyer it might have a coupon or some kid of special for certain days. That is grass roots at the personal level. Read More>>