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Saturday, January 10, 2009

No Deposit Bingo Offers

The online bingo industry is a competitive environment in which firms compete with other firms for customers. Since the industry is growing, as new sites are launched, the degree of competition increases. Online bingo operators try to make their site look different than other sites trying to obtain new players. The bingo operator wants to keep his existing players while attracting new players because other online playing sites may make offers so attractive that the existing player switch sites. The bingo operator has to make his operation attractive and exciting in order to keep members interested.

One way of attracting new players is to offer them some sort of
gift or bonus for joining the site. This is the purpose of the welcome bonus. There are different forms of the welcome bonus. One is to offer free money or cards for the player to try the site. Some sites will make this offer without requiring a deposit, in which case it is called a no deposit bingo bonus. The no deposit bingo bonus results in free bingo or other games for the player. If the bonus consists of cards, then it can only be used to play bingo.

The player should read the terms of the bonus to see what the
money can be used for. Some sites only allow the purchase of bingo cards; others may specify certain games while others may allow the player to wager on any of the games at the site.The player also needs to follow the procedure for collecting the bonus. Some sites automatically deposit the bonus to the player’s account. If a deposit is required, there may be wagering requirement that have to be fulfilled. The no deposit bonus may have to be claimed by the player by entering a coupon code or ending an email to a stated address. Whatever the procedure, the player should be sure to follow it or she may not receive the bonus. Read More>>