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Saturday, January 10, 2009

5 Tips To Deal With Slow Computer Performance

All computer users encounter slow performance or a sudden computer breakdown at one time or another. Quite often, registry problems are behind this gradual deterioration in your computers performance. When you install or uninstall applications, your system is infected by a virus, the system crashes, or many such activities occur on your system, several unwanted, invalid, and malicious entries get added to the registry that unnecessarily cause it to grow to a very large size. A large registry slows down, and as a result slows down your computer. In more severe conditions, registry problems may also cause various computer-related errors, which can eventually crash your system. This can be completely avoided if you perform certain actions on regular basis to speed up the performance of your computer.

1) Perform regular virus checks
If you are a regular net surfer, and don’t care to systematically scan your system for viruses or malware, you are actually inviting trouble. Do you know that you can unintentionally download viruses and malware in your system just by visiting a website? The chances of infecting your system rise if you continue downloading software programs, music, and video clips on your system. Therefore, you must scan your PC for virus infections by using effective anti-virus software.

2) Use your System Tools
Before you invest too heavily on various types of PC maintenance software, you should use the System Tools, which are offered for free with your operating system. For example, you can use the Windows Disk Defragmenter tool to reorganize your files and check the hard drive for errors. The Disk Cleanup tool, on the other hand, helps you remove unnecessary files from your system.

3) Think twice about free downloads
Though you may find it an attractive option to download ‘free stuff’ from the Internet, but there exist many websites that actually install spyware onto your computer and trace every activity on your computer and display unwanted popup ads. Many other programs secretly add programs to your browser or registry, which can affect system performance and crash your PC sooner or later. So, practice cautions before you click the ‘Free Download’ button next time. Read More>>