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Friday, December 12, 2008

Efficient mailing based on the essential principles of online marketing - part II

Every advantage has to be supported with product or service features. And one should use specific numbers instead of generalisations. A story with a hidden message can be placed in the email's content as well. It is also worth repeating the most important elements of the offer and add information about what a client can get for free. The opinions of clients or of authorities on a given subject, examination results to raise the importance of arguments in favour of the offer can also be used. The author should explicitly write if they want the recipient to take action, but at the same time, ought to inform what the client can get in exchange for it. The best solution would be to offer something free of charge, for instance a bonus coupon or access to a report inaccessible for everyone else. Marketing specialists suggest putting postscript in the mailing, containing the offer's summary, alternative benefits or a bonus not advertised, which should convince the hesitant person. The principles of writing offers are also applied in writing persuasive emails, however, the message should contain one to two screens and be only a sort of introduction to the offer on the website. Read More>>