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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Making Your Business Card

Business cards are an essential part of every businessperson’s arsenal. You have to have a business card ready to hand to anyone who might be a potential customer. Ideally, each business card will bring you an extra sale (or ten). However, that will only happen if your business card is effective, and it can only be effective if you make it better than the zillions of others out there. Let us go through the process of designing your business card, step by step.
1. Determine the goal of your business cardAre you simply trying to introduce yourself and your business? Are you trying to gain an advantage in a competitive market? Are you re-establishing yourself after a tough period or an embarrassing moment? Whatever your goal is to make your new business card, always remember to stick with it. Business cards do not have to be just your name and contact information anymore. Be bold when you are thinking of your goals.
2. Decide what your business card will sayOnce you know your overall strategy, now you will have to be a bit more specific. Decide exactly what content you will include on your business card. Remember that you can include more than your name and number. Write your slogan on the card. If you are offering incentives to new customers, put the incentive right there on your business card! You can even put special offers or coupons on them. It is really up to you, but has a clear plan in mind at this point. Read More>>