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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Have You Got The Viral Virus?

To make viral marketing effective, you must produce a free information product that is of such good quality, it is passed around from person to person without you having to personally give it to these people, or even know who they are. This is how viral marketing got its name - simply because good information, just like a virus, is easily passed on from person to person.
Viral marketing can take many forms, such as e-books, articles, video-clips and white papers, just to name a few. Basically, the number one rule is that you are offering something of value free of charge to your audience. This concept seems to work very well with the Internet, since the main reason people all over the world use the Internet is to seek information on topics they are interested in.
We know that viral marketing is only successful when the information being passed on is useful or valuable, but why would anyone want to give away free information? The question is what is in it for you, as a marketer, to give away free stuff? While you are giving away free information, you are also adding some links in the information for people to follow. Read More>>