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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fashion Forward, Fashion Backward

Being trendy means to be updated whether in what clothes, jewelries or accessories that you wear. What is “in” today doesn't mean that it is “out” tomorrow. There are a lot of styles that has been evolved and modified. Are we stepping forward? Or are we just moving backward? If you are familiar with crop jackets, belted dresses and bell-shaped dresses and coats these were a trend during Retro period from 1930s and 1940s. Leggings inspired in 1980s are not that popular today but those bare legs are now in demand. Hipster pants was replaced with high waistlines, accented with big bold belts is a good combination. While those skinny jeans (jeans never fade as they say) and trousers went back in style. We've seen some over-sized square bags hanging off the shoulder for some women. Wedges, platforms and those ballet flats are still remain a hot item. Hot colors include blue, yellow, and some bright colors like green, fuchsias and neon colors, and black is always a trendy color. These are just few examples and there are a lot of styles that has set a new trend today.
Keeping you updated with the style doesn't mean you have to buy those expensive clothes on malls wherein you can also visit online shopping websites like Style Runway (caters a great selection of clothing and accessories available for sale) if you are busy with work and don't have much time going out. Or you can personalize and style your own outfits. Open your closet and sort those clothes you rarely wear and customized those into new ones. If these clothes no longer fits – you can throw it away or give it to your little sisters or hold a garage sale in your area and make some little money out of it.
Just be creative and list down the ideas you saw in magazines, ads or take photos on the clothes displayed on Malls. You can also get discount coupons to save money on purchasing the items you want to buy. Style Runway offers a great discount this Christmas season, check it out and see how much you will save! Appreciate the quality of the products and make sure it will last for a longer period of time. Buy something that really fits you, or else it will only end up staying inside your closet - unused. Find items that are suitable to your need. Avoid buying luxury and expensive items that will only waste your money. And be practical in choosing your clothes. Read More>>