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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Interpreting Web Analytics: What All That Data Actually Means

Your web site is your connecting point with your customers, and you can learn a lot by analyzing the traffic that comes through it. According to John Marshall, CEO of web analytics company, “Web analytics is the process of measuring various aspects of your web site in order to understand how you can improve your customers’ experience.”

Quantifiable Goals: What Analytics Measure Before you run out and purchase a web analytics tool, take a good look at your web site and figure out what area you’re looking to improve. Analytics provides a tremendous amount of feedback, but the data you need to zero in on is dependent upon your goals. If you’re tracking an ad campaign, such as PPC, SEO, email, or print, you might be very interested in the following data results: • Keywords. Web analytics tools measure the visitors you gain from various keywords. It’s important to separate the results from your PPC ads versus your SEO results, so you understand where your traffic is coming from. • Click activity. Some of the more advanced web analytics tools monitor suspicious PPC activity, to help you guard against click fraud. Coupon Codes. When you place advertisements in print ads, coupon codes can help you gauge their effectiveness. You simply provide a coupon in the ad that gives your customers a code to enter in order to activate the coupon. Your shopping cart system can pick up that coupon, and every time someone uses one, you know they found you through that ad. Read More>>