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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Money Saving Tips On Food And Grocery Bills!

Nothing is more disheartening than to see your rising monthly expense on food and grocery. It's quite disappointing to know unexpected rise in food prices specially these days when one is striving to make both ends meet. Fortunately; one can make his bank account healthy by cutting daily expense incurred on grocery market. Well no one wants to make compromises when it comes to healthier food choices; but now without giving up your desire to eat healthy; you still can save money on supermarket bills through some money saving ideas.

It's the biggest misconception that one can't have quality food on a tight spending plan. To trim down those bills; catch up with some saving tips:

food and grocery savings

Create A Budget: The foremost way that lead to considerable savings on grocery shopping is to prepare a budget. Set a maximum limit beyond which you won't be permitting yourself to spend on weekly grocery and food items. From knowledge of amount spent in previous week or month plus deducting the amount on unnecessary items; create a weekly/monthly budget. Consider shopping for food coupons to gain benefit in this regard.

Make A Menu Plan: It's quite obvious to prepare a list of items before shopping for them. Not only this; prepare a weekly menu of what you are going to cook the coming week. This will not only cancel out any extra trip to the market but one would certainly not end up buying unnecessary things. 

Cut Back, Substitute And Go Veggie: Snacking is the food expense we always overlook. Part with junk food, snacks and other stuff and this will not only slash grocery bills but will also allow one to stay healthy. Substitute water for soda and doing it just once a day will let you shed $30 per month. Trim meat, fish, chicken and stick to vegetarian diet; or consume it twice or thrice a month only. Substitute tofu for expensive chicken breasts or meat. Best is to use meat as an accent in meals if you can't skip it. Read more...