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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Lets Celebrate Hairstyle Appreciation Day 2013!

April 30th brings a great opportunity for every fashion-oriented woman to express her individuality through a fresh and rocking hairstyle. Guessing what is special about this day? Gorgeous ladies! April 30th marks ‘Hairstyle Appreciation Day.’ Yes – the day to feel special about smooth and silky strands.

It’s not just lavish clothes, jewelry or makeup that boost your confidence. A very sleek and smart hairstyle can also make you feel comfortable and good-looking. So, today leave your busy life schedule behind and simply enjoy the day at salon.
hairstyle appreciation day 2013

Go and shake up your look with on-trend and glamorous hairdo that you’ve always dreamed of. It’s time to break out of simple straight hairstyles or usual updos comfort zone and try out new styles like layered haircuts, emo hairstyles, spiky bob haircuts, half shaved styles or go for formal looks including French twist, beehive, braided updos etc. For unique and totally different look, opt for a hairstyle which you have not tried before. Have a look and try out latest Summer hairstyles 2013. Read here...