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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Is Your Android Smartphone SAFE?

Mobile phones and tablets have become an inseparable part of our daily lifestyle. Every day we download apps, play games online, surf web, bank online, and do n-number of things on smartphones. Are you aware that all this can directly hamper security of your personal data? Your current location can be compromised, call logs or messages can be deleted, contact list can be shared or erased, identity can be snitched, bank accounts details can be hacked, and more. Precisely, someone at a remote location can fully control your techy-baby.

"WHAT.....?" May be this is the first reaction after reading this. But that's true, someone somewhere may have access to your information and the question arise "Are We Really SECURE?"

Here are some tips to be safe while scrolling through apps on your Android device.
  • Install mobile anti-virus software with advanced features that help in protecting personal information while providing anti-phishing. You can shop for Norton anti-virus or McAfee software for enhanced protection
  • Don't leave your phone's Bluetooth turned on, as Bluejacking & Bluebugging can be dangerous allowing hackers to use your phone's features like forwarding incoming calls, listening to calls, sending text messages, clicking photographs, and more.
  • Make sure Wi-Fi is connected through a secured connection
  • See app's rating & reviews before downloading, as this can reveal potential problems faced by an app or any technical issue you might encounter
  • Downloading a free app? "Beware," as they are more prone to frauds. It's better to go for paid apps
  • After carefully installing an app, make sure to look out for recent app reviews in Google Play and if there's any update that's worth getting
Most importantly carefully check privacy policy of an app and permissions it seeks before downloading, as it's not just you but all your acquaintances' will be at risk of theft. Have a safe Android app experience. Read more...