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Monday, April 08, 2013

Tips to Celebrate Golfer's Day!

If you are tired of puttering around your home, get a little 'grip' on April 10th and celebrate Golfer's Day. It is one of the crazy sports that all love to play not only in US but in other countries as well. Golfer's Day also known as Golf Day is dedicated to all those people who love this sport. In 1457 first golf game was played in Scotland and it assumed wide popularity ever since. This day marks the importance of Golf in our society. This sport provides job to approximately 2 million people and it is estimated that around 28 million golfers are there in US.

Celebrate Golfer's Day
We as well as other European countries provide its country people with ample opportunities to enjoy this extraordinary sport. Golf players have their own reasons for loving this sport and being addicted to it just like tennis players lovers have. No matter how old or young you are or whether you consider yourself a novice or professional player; this is a perfect day to take your best swing and follow your golf course.

Following are some tips to enjoy Golfer's Day: 
  • Kick start your day by playing golf. You might be looking for new golf equipment and accessories to enjoy on the field. Grab golf clothing, gears, and other essentials with golf coupons available at CouponAlbum, RetailMeNot and Groupon. Invite as many of your friends on this day and start your day by learning tips from them if you are a beginner; otherwise give some playing tips to those friends who are new to the game. 
  • Test your strength.  Try to hit balls with your peak strength and compare it with your professional player friends. By comparing you will come to know your weak points so that you would be able to improve them next time. 
For professional players, every day is a Golfer's Day, but this day is the official one. If it falls on weekdays, then it's more special as you can take your day off from work and enjoy this relaxing and addictive game. Otherwise as well, follow these suggestive tips to make your day a "Golfer's Day". Read here...