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Thursday, July 07, 2011

LeapPad Explorer Tablet is Now Available for Pre-Orders!

2011 is definitely the year of gadgets, as many new tablets & smartphones had come down the streets and many are waiting in queue for release. But in this battle of new devices why should adults have all the techy fun, as little ones too deserve a frenzy tablet friend. Coming with the bang, is an innovative tablet for kids from Leap Frog. An antidote to others, LeapPad Explorer is power-packed learning tablet for kids of age 4 and up. This multi-functional edutainment tablet is a host of lots creative tools, combining integrated microphone, camera, and video recorder. It's sure to bring endless fun, unlimited learning, and border-less creativity for children at a tap of finger. LeapPad Explorer tablet is mimic of an iPad, highlighting countless fun experiences for kids that's sheltered in durable package.

leap frog-leap-padAfter gaining much hype among parents and kids, Leap Frog's LeapPad Tablet is finally available for pre-orders. Giants like Walmart, Kmart, Barnes & Noble, and Toys R Us are accepting pre-orders of this small monster. Store are also offering Free Shipping on your online orders. And you can pre-order this Leap Frog Explorer tablet online only. Read on to check some highlights of LeapPad Explorer:

  • Experience HD-like crisp graphics on 5" touch screen
  • Store powerful suite of apps on 2 GB memory
  • Built-in camera & Video Recorder
  • Library of 100+ exciting games, e-books, videos, and flash cards.
  • It's compatible with Leapster Explorer and LeapFrog Explorer games & apps
  • Broad curriculum includes mathematics, geography, reading, science, art, music, health and more.
  • Get access to learning progress of kids through online LeapFrog Learning Path.
  • Allows creating & sharing interactive & innovative stories with loved ones.
To be precise, all latest technologies, entertainment properties, and educational curriculum are assembled in this baby tablet. This Leap Frog's multi-functional device features a stylus as well that can be used for practicing hand-writing and improving drawing skills. It's aptly designed to bear bit of playful tumble and shuffle, so that little learners can explore their creativity with ease. With a variable price tag around $100, LeapPad has much, much more to offer. So, pre-order yours now!