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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Be Stylish and Trendy Golfer with Colored Golf Balls

There is beginning of a new trend in golf balls that is COLORED GOLF BALLS. Golf has recognized the value of balls with different colors other than white color. It's really an interesting step in evolution of the golf game. If one would like to make golf tournament more colorful then he or she must go for colored golf balls. If someone would like to provide great visibility to audiences or to competitor player, then golf colored balls can be a great choice. This will set one's personality as stylish and trendy golfer.

There are many golf balls available at online stores and market. online store has variety in golf game accessories. Colors one can get in golf balls are green, yellow, pink, raspberry, violet, yellow, red, blue, orange and white is evergreen!! Golf balls are also available in brown, peach, lavender, black, metallic gold & metallic silver colors.

2010 Volvik Crystal Golf Balls are available in 9 different colors. These golf balls deliver ultimate distance performance & provide excellent soft feel. Part of 2010 Volvik golf ball line, Volvik 2010 Crystal Golf Ball features 2piece construction with low compression, "Power Control Core". High resiliency surlyn core provides soft feel on all shots & durable for long period of time.

Chromax Metallic I Golf Balls are especially nice in fall season when maple leaves are falling or when mushrooms are on fairways. Chromax metallic golf balls are very dramatic. When people will meet on the golf course, they would be amazed and wowed for these colored golf balls.

They play well and golf player feel pleasure. One can easily trace these colored balls with brighter colors on golf course! So, include some pieces in golf ball basket and have fun with colored golf balls.