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Friday, August 13, 2010

Modern Light Lamps for Teen's Room by Pottery Barn Dorm

Desk lamps, in old times, were all about reading the pages. But now, modern lights have taken place of traditional lamps. Desk lamps are versatile lights which have become thing to adore for light as well as for their design. Lamp lights if cleverly placed or positioned properly can create stunning mood lighting. Use of LED's in lighting lamps has made it possible to design new types of lamps without long wires & use of halogen lamps. Modern desk light is normally fairly compact and easy to place which can be positioned just about anywhere in the home. These desk lamps are simplest to install just requiring to positioned at right place. Teens will love these modern lamps on their study desk or bedside. Lamp lights also make great party piece to impress friends.

Light Cube Lounge Table: Light Cube Lounge Table Use this brilliant and big cube as low lounge table in home living room or in any room, then turn it on at night & watch it glow. Rechargeable LED bulb present in it lasts up to 100,000 hours. This light cube lounge table operates without power cord. One can position cube anywhere in the room and home. It is made of sturdy and lightweight plastic shell.

Hi-Light Clip Light: Hi-Light Clip Light This is a light lamp with clip. It's a piece that can go-anywhere and illuminate anything. Sturdy and flexible arm directs light exactly where one wants it. Lamp base is made of iron with high gloss finish. Brass bracket attaches decorative iron ring under the shade. On and off switch are present on cord. Design of traditional desk lamps meant one could move head into no end positions.

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