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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Candle Gift items for Friendship Day

Friendship day is on 1st August. Some must have already planned and some of you might be thinking what to gift to your dear friends. If bored of common gifts and want to present something new and unique, then these candle gift items can be your next choice. Candles spread light and diminish darkness and with that it also spread message of love and good wishes.

One can gift their love and good wishes in form of candles. Wishes for friends that are mentioned on candles and candle light holders will make one pleased. These candle items will keep you in your friends memories forever just like beam of light. Have a look on these friendship gift items:

Year of wishes candles:

year of wishes candles This lovely candle gift will reveal a keepsake as these candles burn, each reminder of power of positive thought. These unscented candles have plaque featuring wish such as love, joy, fun and adventure. It will definitely cheer your friends mood and will become fan of your choice.

Best wishes tea light holders:

best wishes tea light holders Another way of passing heartily wishes to your dear ones can be by gifting them this light holders. This newest set of tea light holders designed to offer equal doses of ambiance and beauty to his/her room. It will be an ideal addition to mantel or coffee table. Colored glass holders are adorned with 3 letters that spell give, love, luck or wish depending on side that rotated forward.

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