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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pure Soda Value Kit: Get $50 Off at Soda Club

In summers, cool drinks help us in keeping cool and satisfy the thirst. What you do to get chill in summers? Take a cold drink or soda or any other cool thing like ice creams and squashes..right! Mostly people prefer cold drinks and sodas.

When you buy a bottle of cold drink or soda, the cost of 2 or one bottle is much higher than the 5 bottles of soda kit. And also bottle once opened, it can't be kept for longer time as cold drink or soda taste gets changed in couple of seconds. But with soda maker or soda kit, you get fresh soda drink whenever you need to drink. But now, Soda Club is providing great offers for this summer season.

puregreysodavalueThis soda kit is portable stuff, and can be carried, wherever you want. You can take it to picnic point, if making a plan to go out. You can provide fresh drinks to kids and family members. And you can also enjoy with friends and office colleagues. Its a good thing for home and offices.

It is also a great party stuff. Serve fresh soda drinks to guests every time they demand and in a lot of flavors at once. Now, it's more easy to prepare at home and you can enjoy favorite flavor in minutes. It's really a good value pack. Its each bottle makes 12 liter of soda. With this Pure Soda Value Kit package you will get:
  • Four Carbonating Bottles
  • Pure Home Soda Maker
  • Two 60 liter Carbonators
  • Five SodaMix bottles (thats of your choice)
  • Variety Portion 12 Pack
You can save $50 on this package with help of Soda Club Promo Code. Just bring this soda kit home and enjoy hot summers with cool sodas!!