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Friday, June 18, 2010

Play and Learn with LeapFrog Learning Systems

Best selling educational toys are now even better! Kids can play & learn on the go! Parents can connect these toys to see what their children are playing and learning. Educational toys has made life easy and meaningful for kids and parents. Giving education with these educational kids toys at home while playing at home had always been a wonderful idea. With this comes to learn so many things that are further fruitful and good for life. Education learning systems are very useful things for kids of all age groups. Here are few learning systems by LeapFrog for two different age groups.

Zippity learning systemZippity Learning System: Bring Playhouse Disney in house with Zippity, new high energy learning system that gets preschoolers dancing, playing, jumping, learning with Disney characters they love. Zippity system introduces preschool curriculum through full body play & learning. Using the interactive bopper and mat, children can swing, stomp, bop and march, learning the driving with their legs and arms!! Your child can learn while playing many things that will help him further in life like listening and speaking, phonics skills, word building, the alphabet, first words in world languages, spanish vocabulary, colors, logic and reasoning, memory skills, creating with technology, art and design, music, gross motor skills, geometric concepts, shapes, measurement, early number sense, early number sense, map skills, physical and human environment. This Zippity learning system is for kids aging between 3-5 yrs.

Leapster2 Learning System:
Leapster2 handheld This learning system is for kids aging between 4-8 yrs. Leapster2 handheld offers robust learning experience. Through in built tutorials and learning levels that adapt automatically to your child's pace. Its touch screen and stylus help develop motor skills used in writing. It is also compatible with all 40+ Leapster learning games. So, kids can practice wide variety of skills for school as they play and learn with their own favorite characters. This helps in learning phonics skills, consonants, sight words and homophones vowels, art and design, shapes, addition and subtraction.

Make this summer wonderful and exciting for your kids with these LeapFrog Learning Systems.
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