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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Enjoy splashy and fruity products by Cushman's

Fruits are good for health. There's a famous saying about fruit: "Eat an apple a day, keeps the doctor away". Fruit fibres play an important role in keeping body fit.

Are fond of fruit products or like to eat fruits, then you must check out these splashy, mouth watering and citrus fruit products by Cushmans. These will definitely increase your appetite.

Variety Preserves: Honey Bell gift comes with four jars, the variety pack has two of Strawberry Preserves and two jars of Honey Bell Marmalade. These are wonderful fruit laden recipes.

variety preserveCinnamon Swirls Gift Box: These handcrafted pastries are sweetly saucy, nutty, ready to slice and enjoy. There's no other way to achieve this kind of home style quality pastries, cinnamon and apple sauce, topped with chopped walnuts, filled with walnuts, and baked lightly crisp, nice and gooey inside.

cinnamon swirl gift boxValencia Oranges & Ruby Red Grapefruit: The longer an orange hangs on a tree, the sweeter it gets. Richest tasting juice you have ever enjoyed. Ruby Red Grapefruit accompany these sweet oranges. Ruby Reds are crazy sweet and thin skinned. This citrus gift is sure to bring happy smiles on receiver's face.

valencia oranges and ruby red grapefruitYou can check for these and more fruit products on Cushmans and get discounts with Cushmans coupons.