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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eco-Friendly Toys: Way to healthy and fun filled Play Time

Children like playing very much and owing to variety of toys available in market, play time has become all the more interesting and fun-filled. Toys connect kids with outer world and increase their imagination power as well. A wide variety of imitations of real things like aeroplane, animals, houses, trains, castles are available for kids.

Today, toys that are gaining popularity are Eco Friendly toys. Reason being, they are non toxic toys and bio-degradable as well. Eco Friendly Toys are made of wood or organic cotton and look natural and real as compared to plastic toys. Today, with an increasing awareness about the state of the environment, everyone is trying to turn Eco friendly by choosing products that doesn't hamper environment and health. So choosing an Eco-friendly toy for your kid is not only a healthy decision but it will also make your kid an Eco aware adult when he grows up.

Have a look at some very interesting and colorful Eco-Friendly toys:

Eco-Friendly Rainbow Soundblocks: Children love colors and Eco Friendly Rainbow Soundblocks will give your kid best of both worlds, fun-filled play time and healthy lifestyle. With this Award winning Eco-Friendly toy set, possibilities are endless. Children will learn sorting, matching and association skills while playing with Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Blocks that comprise wood and transparent multi-colored plastic.
Eco-Friendly Rainbow SoundblocksYour kid will enjoy constructing objects with blocks and will love new and exciting sounds produced by rattling beads that are filled in it. Best thing about this toy is that, it is made of
environment friendly rubber wood and painted with non-toxic water-based paints. Looking through these colorful oundblocks, children will see world in different and pleasant colors.

Eco-Friendly Gardening Set: Gardening is a very good hobby and looking at elders, children also start liking it. For nourishing this hobby, Wonderworld Gardening Set is perfect which is colorful and Eco-Friendly as well. This Eco-Friendly Gardening Set comes with a soft carry-along basket, 3 colorful flowers that are bendable and removable, a soft watering can, wooden shovel and butterfly net with a wooden handle. It will be a nice gift for your little one who loves gardening and owing to bright colors set, it will brighten up your little one's day.

Eco Friendly Gardening Set

Toys are like best friend of kids. As Earth Day is fast approaching, Eco-friendly toys will act as best way to make kids understand importance of day and mother Earth. So, what are you waiting for!! Make your kid's playtime more enjoyable, colorful fun-filled and healthy with Eco-Friendly Toys available at Don't forget to take advantage of Toy R Us Coupons that will make your shopping, savvy and smart.