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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Floral Fashion Jewelry: Affordable accessory for your wardrobe

In recent time, jewelry has become an essential part of every women's wardrobe. Although, diamond, white gold and platinum jewelry will never be out of fashion but to collect wide variety of these jewelry pieces just like clothes and handbags, can be costly affair. Fashion jewelry is inexpensive and best choice for fashion conscious people. It is also called artificial and costume jewelry. It can be worn at casual or informal occasion. Specially, teenagers love to wear this kind of jewelry on daily basis. One can add fun in casual outfit as it comes in various designs. In fashion jewelry, girls can find endless possibilities to beautify their look.

Fashion jewelry is made with using non conventional material like crystals, wood, plastic, pearls, glass, clay and amber instead of lavish diamonds and precious metals. These jewelry pieces created with non precious material and plated with silver or gold. Colored and semi precious stones are used to adorn fashion jewelry. These extravagant stones help to give finished look and to get attention of everyone.

Fashion Jewelry comes in variety of designs, styles and colors as well. Anyone can stock various designs of costume jewelry in wardrobe as it is very much affordable. You can collect number of styles of floral jewelry to illuminate spring! There are hundreds of online stores which offers charming designs and sizes. Potpourri store is perfect for choosing fashion jewelry at much affordable prices.

Porcelain Calla Lily EarringsBaby Five Spot Flower Necklace
Porcelain Calla Lily Earrings: Beauty of earrings lies in its simplicity. Natural, sinuous shape of calla lily has often inspired artists. Franz porcelain pays tribute to this delicate and exotic blossom by crafting pair of elegant earrings in its image. Set with shiny rhodium plated brass posts, to prevent tarnishing.

Baby Five Spot Flower Necklace: Baby five spot beautiful floral jewelry by Franz. Often simplest design yields most beautiful results. Each handcrafted cute flower is sculptured porcelain with wonderful gentle curves and intricate details. French wire earrings and necklace with rhodium plated brass chain is best for gifting someone special.

Carved Flower EarringsSterling Silver and Amethyst Ring
Carved Flower Earrings: Delicate flower petal charming earrings are carved from genuine mother of pearl, with shining drops of sterling silver at each center. Pearl jewelry with sterling silver effect is best for daily use.

Sterling Silver and Amethyst Ring: Genuine amethyst ring is lacy, feminine design punctuated by beautiful faceted purple stone set into wonderful floral detailed sterling silver. Understated yet perfect for any woman's wardrobe.

Stay with latest trends and on the edge of fashion with these jewelry pieces. It is really perfect for every woman who likes to wear different styles of jewelry. Best thing is that these jewelry pieces are less expensive and everyone can easily follow current trends. You can buy latest designs of fashion jewelry from at discounted prices.