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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Celebrate Easter Day with Spring Spirit

Easter is great time of enjoyment when family and friends come together to celebrate Easter Sunday. It is the most celebrated holiday in spring time and always comes two days after Good Friday. This year, Easter Sunday will fall on 4th April. Easter symbolizes eggs and rabbits, that are signs of rebirth, fertility and continuity of life. For kids, it's a miraculous time to enjoy chocolate bunnies, jellybean & candy filled Easter eggs and delicious marshmallow chicks.

On Easter day, people love to decorate their house with colorful stuff, fresh flowers, painted eggs and sweet bunny images. All these stuff bring happiness and bright feeling in the house. Eggs are special things on that day and most of the families love to organize Easter egg hunts for children. These eggs can be made of plastic or chocolate and are filled with candies or jellybeans.

Most often, people love to exchange gifts on Easter Sunday. It's a really great way to welcome spring season. There are lots of beautiful gifts available that will allure the heart of receiver. Easter basket is most popular gift. So you can pick a decorative basket with Easter goodies, fresh flowers or other creative items collectibles or home decor stuff. Have a look at some wonderful gifts which are perfect for this occasion.

Jim Shore Spirit of Easter Basket

Jim Shore Spirit of Easter Basket: Showcase five Easter eggs inside charming bunny basket. You can remove them to create your own display. Sculpted bunnies holding colorful Easter egg form basket's whimsical handle. All five eggs and beautiful basket, are hand painted and crafted of resin. Height of this basket is 7 ¼ inches.

Personalized Easter Cheer Basket by Lenox

Personalized Easter Cheer Basket by Lenox: Easter treat, in hand painted ivory fine china and 24 karat gold. Here, you can see a cute bunny which is busy in decorating Easter egg. Charm, in the shape of artist's palette, is ready to be personalized with name of your choice. You can give this basket to your loved one.

Sweet set of four colorful Birds

Sweet set of four colorful Birds: Beautiful and feathery foursome. This flock of pastel birds sets the mood for Easter and spring. Multicolored and eye catchy birds will brighten any setting. You can decorate them on table or corner of room. These are also good choice as gift.

All these colorful and beautiful items are perfect choice as gift and for home decoration on Easter day. You can browse for elegant Easter day gifts and Lenox Coupons which will help you to get them at affordable prices within budget. So, don't waste your time and start shopping today for Easter Sunday!