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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fruit Gift Basket with gourmet — Eco friendly Valentine's Day gift

By exchanging gifts, people exchange their love and care with important persons in life. Family members, close friends and business associates all are as important for a person as his/her beloved. Valentine's Day is great occasion to tighten up old relationships with them. A fruit basket with gourmet is healthy gift option to thank them for being with you. This environment friendly gift is perfect for showing that you really care of their health and physic.

Fresh fruits are totally a healthy, effective and beneficial food for improving health. They are a brilliant source of minerals, vitamins, proteins which are needed for human body. Fruits contain essential nutrients and calcium in rational proportion that can be easily digested by a person. A fruit basket is not only filled with seasonal fruits, but also with some imported and delicious ones. You can add some delicious chocolates, snacks, cheese sticks, mix nuts or raspberry cookies to make your gift basket more appropriate for food lovers. Recipient will surely become happy to see varieties of fruits and gourmet in single package. Choose a perfect fruit basket with gourmet from and delight your near or dear ones.

Fresh Fruit and Candy Gift Basket: Send this fruit and candy gift basket and you’re sending sunshine and a smile. This natural woven basket is filled candies and orchard fresh fruit that’s been picked at peak of season, like red, yellow and green apples, nectarines, pears, oranges, grapefruit, a plum. Easy to share, it’s a sweet and super healthy gesture which shows how much you care.

Bountiful Fruit and Gourmet Gift Basket Large: Celebrate this valentine's day tastefully, with bountiful fruit and gourmet gift basket. Inside lovely keepsake willow basket is perfect balance of fruit paired with delectable treats. Juicy navel oranges, delicious red apples, pineapple and mix with milk chocolate covered dried cherries, pear cider and caramel cashew crunch in delicious harmony. This gift includes exceptionally fresh fruit that makes the mouth hum.

Sweetheart Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Say Happy Valentine’s Day with this extravagantly decadent gift, ripe strawberries hand-dipped in premium dark chocolate then drizzled to perfection. Some are dipped in dark chocolate with sweet red drizzle while other are dipped in dark chocolate with red and white sprinkles. It’s simply best chocolate covered strawberry experience they’ll ever have.

Select a basket with fruits such as Apple, Orange, Banana, Mango, Pineapple and Guava and decor it with beautiful flowers to increase the appeal of packaging. It would serve as an innovative, useful and healthy gift.