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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crayola color fun for your artistic kids

People of all ages love art and craft projects. These projects are very creative and help to improve imagination power. These are beneficial for kids in improving their motor skills, learning power and enhancing their imaginations. In rainy days or summer holiday period, art and craft plays an important role to keep children busy and happy. Drawing is close form of art and it allows to give shape to your imaginations or observations on paper. But, drawing a shape on plain paper needs lots of practice and time. So, prefer to give your kids coloring books or double sided easel with color pencil set.

Coloring books work as perfect teaching tool for your children. Kids, usually learn by being exposed to images of things. It is entertaining way to build up their knowledge and vocabulary. It also encourage children to learn about things around them. Different types of coloring books are available for little ones. You can choose a book with images of animals, buildings, flowers and even imaginary creatures from space. If your kid loves cartoon characters then you can easily get book that features cuddly toys. Disney character color books are also very popular among children. Color pencil set is important to create natural looking images. You can pick wonderful art and craft products from for your little ones.

Color Wonder Disney Coloring Book and Markers: Explore wonder of different color using Crayola Color Wonder. Color Wonder is unique ink which is developed by Crayola scientists that appears only on special paper. Ink is clear on some surfaces, each marker "magically" shows up amazing color on Color Wonder paper.

Color Wonder Disney Coloring Book and MarkersTrayola Colored Pencils: Crayola Trayola Colored Pencil packs are reusable and stackable plastic trays! They are best size for small group sharing. It is perfect for classrooms, clubs, camp and other after-school programs. Pre-sharpened, all sturdy pencils are made with thick and soft leads, so they won't break under pressure. Smooth colors are perfect for mixing and blending, as well as practicing detailed techniques.

Trayola Colored PencilsColoring pictures with your kids is great way to spend time together. It's fun loving activity that you can do with your child while teaching them. If your child is a lover of art and craft then you can gift these things on his/her birthday or any occasion. It is cost-effective idea to please children with their favorite stuff.