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Friday, December 04, 2009

Zhu Zhu Hamster Pets: A Cute Christmas Gift for Kids

As holiday season approaches, everyone start thinking about the best Christmas gifts for their sweet kids. Choosing a perfect gift can be slightly frustrating and difficult task to do. Especially when there are unending varieties of new toys and interesting games. This year, Zhu Zhu Hamster Pets are kids hot favorite toys. They're being considered as one of the perfect and cute toy gifts for Christmas 2009! So, why not give your child a Zhu Zhu hamster this Christmas to make him/her feel extra special.

The famous Zhu Zhu Hamster pets are NumNums, Pipsqueak, Chunk and Mr Squiggles. They're really cute, respond to child's touch, and move around the house. Each pet has its own unique color, exceptional personality and unique sounds. NumNums is a super fast hamster that all kids will love. She looks like a genuine hamster due to her glossy gray coat. Just like a real hamster, she loves to nibble and always on the watch for food.

Zhu Zhu's look and feel like the real thing without all drawbacks of a real hamster. These hottest new artificial intelligence plush toys provide your children with endless hours of interactive fun. Push the Zhu Zhu hamster's back to set it into explore mode, or push again to turn it off for sleep. You can get them in different kinds of packs with or without accessories.
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Zhu Zhu's Skateboard and U-Turn Playset: This play set has curious little motorized critters tackling sport of skateboarding. Zhu Zhu pets thrash and grind around hamster skate park U-Turn ramp, then scurry across the ground on skateboard all by themselves! This play set connects to all Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters play systems.

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Giant Hamster Fun House: Zhu Zhu pets fun house play set with all bells and whistles is perfect home for little hamster friend. This habitat for hamsters has two main areas consisting of a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. This play set is over 80 inches long and includes two rooms and a tunnel to connect 2 areas together. This fun house is designed so which you can add hamster garage, wheel, car and other great accessories.

Get Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters with a few of accessories. Your kids certainly feel happy when they'll unwrap their gift this Christmas. Make your Christmas gift shopping more money saving by using Toys R Us Coupons or Target Coupons.

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