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Friday, November 13, 2009

Enchanting Floral Fragrances at Perfume Emporium with Free Shipping

Perfumes are an integral part of women's fashion. Just like a fashionable dress or designer shoes it gives extra elegance to your look. Here are somLive Platinum Perfume by Jennifer Lopeze floral and fresh perfumes. Have a look!

Live Platinum Perfume by Jennifer Lopez: The base combines vanilla musk white cedar wood and amber.This fragrance offers a blend of gourmand notes of marzipan plum and ruby grapefruit to warm and inspire your snowy days accompanied with Christmas rose orange blossom and hint of heliotrope accords in the heart of composition.

The original price of Live Platinum Perfume at Perfume Emporium is $62.00 but now it is only $32.99 and save 47%.

Alien PAlien Perfume by Thierry Muglererfume by Thierry Mugler: ALIEN... Floral Revelation, Within this combination of luxurious, unusual notes is a floral lightness of Jasmine Sambac, a gentle yet powerful flower with delicate petals that blooms under the Indian sun and gives off a bewitching scent with a hint of green notes and orange blossom.

The bottle is faceted like a jewel and its amethyst color symbolizes thoughtfulness and peace of mind. The name engraved on the glass is reflected in reverse to form a sign as it would in a mirror.It reflects the creator's relentless search to find something new. The feminine fragrance smells unrecognizable yet at the same time comfortingly familiar.

The original price of Alien Perfume at Perfume Emporium is $99.00 but now it is only $82.99 and save 16%.Imagine Perfume by Ellen Tracy

Imagine Perfume by Ellen Tracy: a beautiful daydream Ellen Tracy has distilled sophisticated notes of Magnolia Violet and Ylang Ylang with bouquets of Rose Cyclamen and Muguet plus warm touches of Sandalwood Vanilla and Musk.

The original price of Imagine Perfume at Perfume Emporium is $68.00 but now it is only $34.99 and save 49%.