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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dior Phone ~ A second generation handset by Christian Dior

Dior PhoneIn fashion world, Dior is the most recognized name. They are a leading manufacturer of luxurious and fashionable apparels, fine jewelry, skincare, makeup, fragrance and fashion accessories. Dior products have become status symbols, from Europe to America to Asia-Pacific region. You might have heard of Dior’s luxurious cellphone. Dior entered a new world of luxury mobile phones in 2008 with Dior phone, that created quite buzz. Elegant, sensual, exclusive, and especially made for modern woman, the phone has been designed like a piece of jewelry. The Christian Dior phone functions worldwide except Japan and Korea. And it has excellent features such as a touchscreen display, camera, specialist ring tone, custom graphics design and wallpapers. It even comes with a mini phone and Bluetooth accessory. Read More>>