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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Different Types of Contact Lens Just For Your Eyes

When it comes to picking a pair of contact lenses, there are a handful to choose from, each with its own distinct function. The most common are either soft or hard rigid gas permeable. What this means, is that the gas permeable solution allows more oxygen into the cornea and thus preventing the intense dry eye that many contact wearers are subjected to. Soft contact lenses can be categorised into two types: daily and extended wear. Both are made in a similar manner that combines a thin, supple material and water. As the name implies daily wear is for daytime use only and must be taken out, cleaned and stored over night. Extended wear are made for overnight, however, this increases the risk of infection for many people. If you opt for extended wear, follow your doctor's orders on exactly how long you can keep them on. Read More>>