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Saturday, February 14, 2009

What Is Your Restaurant Marketing Strategy?

When you open a restaurant, you will need as many new customers as you can get to make your establishment a raving success. Your restaurant marketing strategy will be the biggest part of bringing in new business. Here are a few restaurant marketing strategies for you to try.

1. Market your Restaurant in Hotel and Motel Rooms– People on vacation and people who do a great
deal of traveling, will want to know where to find an excellent meal in your town. An excellent restaurant marketing strategy is to call or visit hotel and motels within a 5 mile radius of your restaurant, and ask them if you can place menus and coupons in their rooms and lobby areas. Some hotels and motels provide a list of area attractions for their guests, ask them if you can add your restaurant to their list. When the guests get hungry they will see your menu or your name on the list and will think of your restaurant. Read More>>