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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine’s Day Shopping Tips

Don’t wait until last minute to pick out Valentine’s Day gifts for those that you truly love. Here are some shopping tips to get you up and out the door to pick gifts that will have everyone saying 'I love you' right back.

1. Go early!... so that you don’t get stuck choosing bottom of the barrel
gifts. The last thing you want is to get him slippers for the third year in a row or her a box of truffles again.

2. Go big!... Don’t just go to the local pharmacy to pick up a few quick candies and small gifts. Some excellent
gift options for Valentine’s day is Flowers, candies, scented candles, box of heart shaped chocolates, favorite perfume or cologne. Your added effort in making it to the mall will certainly shine through in the gifts that you pick.

3. Go everywhere!... Don’t just opt for customary
stores like jewelers or candy stores. Search high and low. Book stores often stock up on romantic novels or sweet kids picks. You may be surprised at what stores are showing the love if you actually take the time to look. Read More>>