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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Top 5 Tips To Save Hundreds On Your Gifts

Below are the top 5 tips to save you hundreds on your gifts every year.

5) The
Home Spa Treatment

For a spouse, loved one or family member, treat them to a great spa treatment at home, such as a massage and facial. Use lotions & items found at home and this gift idea will cost you nothing yet is easily worth over $100. As an added touch, give a homemade
gift certificate announcing your massage and facial.

4) Use Great

You'll be able to find valuablecoupons in
magazines, newspapers, and even online. To find coupons online, try typing "Free Printable Coupons" into a search engine. Using coupons worth $20 per week on groceries saves more than $1000 per year. Apply this tip to your gift-buying and get even more of the savings pie!

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