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Friday, January 16, 2009

Online Companies Doing More With Less In A Rough Economy Via Testing and Targeting Technology

Ever gone online and had a frustrating experience? Maybe you weren't happy with the way content was displayed or found it difficult to find what you were seeking. That's the dismaying picture that consumers deal with when shopping on websites that have not been fine-tuned (or "optimized"). The good news is, companies realize that not optimizing their websites decreases their revenue and profits and are now doing everything they can to improve online shopping experiences in an uncertain economy.

Increasingly, large Internet retail companies are turning to testing and targeting solutions to improve visitors' online experiences.
Multivariate Testing allows companies to present multiple variations of content and discover which variation you prefer while targeting enables companies to understand you better as a customer so that they can deliver relevant information, such as coupons. This brand of web optimization can help drive online sales during a time when consumers are reducing their online spending. Read More>>