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Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Look at Vegas Package Deals

Have you seen Slasher, the HBO movie that tells the story of a group of car salesmen who continuously sell used cars in a special $88 trick, the lucky persons get a used car for $88. The salesman compares the technique to the sale of manure. He says you can sell a lump of manure by first announcing the price to be one million dollars. Everyday, while passing the way, people would see the million dollar announcement board. Then on a fine morning the price is slashed to just one dollar and people rush in to buy the useless stuff named manure – after all they are spending only one dollar!

I remember the storyline whenever I hear things like Vegas Package deals, offering stay and dine coupons at too good to believe prices. We take our stand not to jump in to take the bite of a Vegas package deal. We have reservations about the legitimacy of such offers. We carefully budget our money. Even it is a couple of hundred bucks that go to a fraudulent Vegas package deal, it will hurt us badly for a long time. Read More>>