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Friday, January 09, 2009

Eligible RRIF, IRA Investment Options

Remember that the government only represents about 30 and many of us do not have one. It is up to individuals to invest wisely short and long term in order to make up for the short fall if he or she would like to live comfortably after retirement without giving up some retirement plans. RRIF is registered retirement income fund that the government allows RRSP holders to transfer their RRSP to when they reach the year of roll over with minimum withdrawn payment is required.IRA account holder do not need to roll over but minimum withdrawn payment is also required. In this article, we will list the eligible RRIF and IRA investment option.

1. RRIF accountRRIF can be invested just like RRSP
a) Canada and provincial savings bonds.
b) Federal government treasury bills and federal, provincial, and municipal government bonds.
c) Canadian mortgage and home corporation mortgages and mortgage-backed securities.
d) Corporate bonds and debentures as well as stripped bonds and coupons.
e) Guaranteed investment certificates. Read More>>