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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Customer Loyalty With a Mobile Twist

Customer Loyalty programs have been around for many years, but recently it seems they have been experiencing a bit of a resurgence. Popular programs such as the Staples Reward Program and those CVS “Extra Bucks” give members extra benefits just for doing their everyday shopping. But if you’re looking for an innovative, fresh marketing strategy for your business, you can make things simple for customers and less costly for you by implementing a customer loyalty program with a twist – a Text Message Loyalty Program!

Popular customer loyalty programs often feature frequent shopper cards or programs that reward advance purchases, repeat visits, or include free merchandise or special bonuses. Rewards are typically offered to members via snail-mail, email campaigns, or placed in traditional print advertisements or in-store
coupons. However, using text messages to broadcast these offers has several unique advantages, such as:

1. It’s immediate – you can send out a text message, and recipients typically read it within 15 minutes.
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