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Monday, December 22, 2008

Why are promotional gifts getting so popular?

Who doesn't like gift? People love it more when it comes by way of a product promotion campaign or an employee engagement initiative. Better still, if that gift has your name / mug shot drawn imprinted on it, you would love to show it off to your friends.

Why Promotional
Gifts? Today as the consumer is getting more aware and demanding, it becomes essential for organizations to ensure their product launch is successful and the existing products also do well in the same market. Here comes the need of promotional coupons offering free sample of a new product or a discount coupon for an existing product to increase its usage / consumption. Promotion of a product has become so important that there are specialized agencies providing promotional and advertising ideas to the organizations at a cost. If a company is launching a new juice in the market, they would set-up a kiosk and offer a free glass of juice to taste or better still some would offer a small size of the pack to the interested consumers. Not only the corporate but the social organizations also give away T-shirts with a social message like “Save Trees”. “Each One Teach One” or “Save Glaciers” to the volunteers. Read More>>