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Thursday, December 18, 2008


MICR printers, or Magnetic Ink Character Recognition printers are a means of printing information on a check that can be read electronically. This means of printing is most commonly used for printing checks and it helps to prevent against check fraud by using the MICR printing to imbed the information on the check electronically so that it can not be altered by a check fraud artist.

MICR printers use a special magnetic ink or toner and special fonts that can be read using an electronic data process system such as those used by financial institutions for processing checks. While the MICR printers have the highest benefits in payroll companies, insurance companies and financial institutions, other business do benefit from having a MICR printer in house as well. Most companies will purchase a MICR printer for printing accounts payable checks and payroll checks. However, MICR printers can also be used to print depository transfers, loan coupons and a wide variety of encoded documents. Read More>>