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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Simple and Effective Ways to Save Money in Buenos Aires

A trip to Buenos Aires can be an amazing experience, and most people leave already planning a return trip. However, with the recent economic problems and sky high inflation, it has become a somewhat expensive place to live and to visit. Prices are going up at nearly 30% per year, and some prices have doubled or tripled in the past year. In order for you to make the best out of their trip to Buenos Aires, many people need to know how to live on a budget, especially if your living and being paid in Argentine wages.

The easiest way to
save money in Buenos Aires is not to eat out too often. Food prices in general have soared recently, much more than the 30% inflation reflects, and this has been even more obvious in restaurants. Eating out nowadays can easily cost over 50 pesos, and paying 100 pesos for a full meal with appetizers, main course, dessert and wine is not out of the question. To cut down on these costs, it is important to eat out less, and start cooking at home more. To maximize your saving on foods, try to stay away from the supermarket chains such as Disco and Carrefour, which have the highest prices around. Shop around at the different fruit and vegetable stands, as the prices vary greatly. If you don't want to cook yourself, try getting food at one of the many cheap take out food stores. Costs are much lower, and if you find the right one, the quality of food is excellent! Read More>>