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Thursday, December 25, 2008


Live, interactive, experiential tradeshow presentations add a dynamic dimension attracting crowds to your company’s products and services at your tradeshow booth. There’s an added benefit of having your audience participate in and become advocates of your products during and after the tradeshow. It is, however, important to keep “on message” when you have a live theater presentation at your tradeshow exhibit. A highly- tuned message is the key to your success -- ensuring that you meet your company’s marketing goals and objectives. Keep this in mind when you engage your next tradeshow presentation company.

According to Elaine Cohen, Founder/President of Live Marketing in Chicago, studies show that if live professional presentations at tradeshows focus on answering the marketing objectives of the company, the company is then better able to deliver on those objectives. The objective of the presentation may be to have tradeshow visitors become actively involved by taking a quiz or survey, learn about the product in depth from experts who can truly educate them, become committed to endorsing a charity in their industry, in addition to writing an order.

When the objective is to increase sales, a company would be wise to hire a crowd gatherer to get people to its tradeshow booth. Once there, attendees need to experience the product first hand. There also needs to be a follow up way to have your tradeshow guests experience the product once the tradeshow is over. A good idea to extend the marketing of your tradeshow exhibit is offering redeemable coupons to attendees they can use once the tradeshow is over. Read More>>